What is Shoplnk link insights?


Last Update 2 years ago

Shoplnk insights provide you with statistical data on how your link is performing and this section is where you can see visits, engagements,users. Detailed explanation of the Insights page.

Users: The number of individual people who have visited this link/links on this board at least once.

Visits: is the number of times the link has been visited by actual people. Repeated visits are counted. For example, if 1 visitor lands on your InstaBio once, that is counted as 1 visit. If that visitor visits your link another 3 times, that is another 3 visits which now equals 4 vistis.

Clicks: A click is when a visitor clicks on one of your links. Repeated hits are counted.

Sources:The Traffic Sources section categorizes your link traffic as "direct" traffic, "referring" traffic, or "search engine" traffic.This section will give you an overview of the distribution of your traffic sources for your links.

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